HAVU signs Sergej and expands to Hearthstone with Threat

In the beginning of April a new Finnish eSports organization called HAVU Gaming was founded. Today HAVU signed two Finnish eSports superstars and expanded to Hearthstone.

HAVU signed the most promising star of Finnish CS:GO scene: Jere “sergej” Salo. “During the spring we have had some difficulties with Taneli’s timetable. That led to frustration, since the other players were ready to play most of the time. Taneli and the team discussed about this issue and decided that it will be better for the team if Taneli will be replaced with a new player. Taneli will continue in our organization as a 6th player, partner and community manager. After sergej’s fantastic pcw and stand-in performances, we decided to sign him with HAVU. xartE will inherit the Captain’s cap.” – Toni “toNppa” Luhtapuro

The new HAVU.CSGO roster:

Jesse ”KHRN” Grandell

Jere “sergej” Salo

Mikko ”xartE” Välimaa (Team Captain)

Timo ”REFLEX” Rintala

Aleksi ”Aleksib” Virolainen

Taneli ”disturbed” Veikkola (6th)

Toni “toNppa” Luhtapuro (coach)

Secondly, HAVU signed one the most consistent Hearthstone streamers in Finland: Mikael “Threat” Backman.

“I look forward to cooperate with HAVU. Joining HAVU will enable my long-time goal to become more professional eSports player and to compete among the best HS players in the world. Lets push some value.” – Mikael “Threat” Backman

“Our vision is to be number one eSports brand in Finland and to achieve this, we need to have more than one game in our menu. Mikael has superb personality, which have attracted solid twitch fan base in Finland. He is a goal orientated hard working individual who will achieve great things in his HS career” – Janne “Kuppi” Kuparinen

For more information, please contact

Lasse Salminen, CEO
HAVU Gaming Oy.

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